Parent’s Guide

Dear Parent,

Each book in The Voyagers Series is a fast-paced adventure that takes the reader to a variety of places around the world. While the story lines are fictional, the background information is entirely factual. These interactive books are designed to provide an entertaining way to learn and retain more about geography, history, language, mathematics, and other subjects.

Each chapter has a LIFE LESSON that focuses on a character-building trait. At the end of each chapter, the reader is directed to an online CROSSWORD PUZZLE, with all of the answers being the underlined words within the chapter. One of the answers is the LIFE LESSON, which is also the CODE to play a corresponding online GAME on our website.

Our unique learning system is designed to allow the reader to use both the right and left sides of the brain. The right side is associated with creative, intuitive, and random thinking, while the left side is involved with logical, sequential, and rational thinking. Hence, the former is used for the games and the latter is used for reading. With mountains of data supporting dual-brain-hemisphere learning as being the most effective, we make the reading experience not only fun but highly educational.

To obtain the Teacher’s Guides for Europe and Africa, you will need a Password. After providing your Name and Email address, please type “Password” in the Message box. We also welcome any additional comments that you may have!

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The Voyagers Series

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